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@Thabiso, Welcome to Mthwakazi Community Heritage!
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If you think a #smallBridge in #yourHomeArea needs attention, you can take photos post them here. MCH members can then think of ways to fix the small bridge. Through bouncing ideas off each other we aim to develop our community for today and tomorrow.
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MCH members are free to pick any identified areas and raise resources to developed/repaired/fixed them.
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We will look at areas that need to be developed/repaired/fixed and post photos on this platform.
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Our aim is to showcase the history and heritage of our people, past and present. We aim to update each other on our heritage and any developments happening in Matabeleland.
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Mthwakazi Community Heritage (MCH) is an online archive for communities in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe. This is a private network, only invited members are allowed to join.
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the idea is that we put politics aside and update each other on our heritage and any developments happening and around Mat'land
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